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Biodynamic (BD) farming is a school of organic farming that integrates observations of lunar, planetary and stellar influences on crop cultivation (and animal husbandry) and uses soil and plant applications of preparations based on minerals, plants and animal parts. In Europe, in particularly in Germany, the brand name Demeter under which certified biodynamic produce is marketed, is recognized for signifying high quality.

For more information on biodynamic farming and its background, the website of the Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI) and related websites are suggested:
www.biodynamics.in  |  www.demeter.net   |  www.anthromedia.com/articles/agriculture/

The BDAI organizes regularly training workshops in BD farming; they are announced at their website.

In his youth in Germany, Lucas volunteered on a BD farm. In 1997 he underwent training in BD farming at Shenbaganur / Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, under Peter Proctor. Subsequently he has been a resource person in training workshops organized by the BDAI.

Presently, since 2008, Lucas has been working for the Demeter certification services of the BDAI. From May 2011 onwards, Lucas is Secretary of the BDAI.

Here find downloads (in Tamil) on various biodynamic topics, on BD 500 | BD 501 | BD 502 to 507 | Planting Calendar | CPP




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